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Wendy Robles

 "We began Jewart's last spring. We registered both our daughters, whom love all sorts of activities.  Jewart's and Ben, the owner, were so helpful in registering our children, accommodating their needs pertaining to class levels, and helping."

"I love that they do not pressure these kids to only be in gymnastics as they grow; as well as providing support, expertise, and challenging children who have the desire to only do gymnastics. Jewart's expertise has helped my children and their skills in all sports, and gave them more confidence across the board than ever before. We are very much dedicated to soccer, horseback riding, snowboarding, and other sports, we greatly appreciate how they focus on helping the "whole" child grow. We love, love, love, this place! We are so happy to continue this Fall!"

Ben Jewart

Hello,  my name is Amanda Jewart.  I am excited and honored to be a part of bringing  JGNW to Wilsonville.  I was a gymnast for 12 years.  My parents enrolled  me in a tumbling class with my childhood best friend at age 8.  Being in gymnastics has always felt like home.  I did college gymnastics for Kent State in Ohio where I obtained my undergraduate degree in early childhood education. I began coaching at Jewart's Gymnastics in Pa while I was a club gymnast and have been coaching part time ever since.  Coaching gymnastics brings two things I am passionate about together- educating children and engaging in sports!  Since moving to Oregon (June 2007) I have been an educator at Mentor Graphics Child Development Center where I work with a team of teachers and 2&3 year old's and their families.  In 2010 I completed my masters degree at Portland State University in curriculum and instruction.  Outside of gymnastics I most love hiking with Ben and our FOUR dogs; Magic, Kanji, , Nya & Flyer.  I have greatly looked forward to serving the children of Wilsonville by bringing the community it's first gymnastics school.

We began at Jewart's 2 years ago and have had an amazing experience. After going to a different gym prior, I can tell you that Jewart's is professional, clean, caring, compassionate, truthful, and all about giving the children the best experience possible. Ben treats the gymnasts as the children they are and the parents as the adults they are. We greatly appreciate, as parents, that he responds promptly and professionally even when the gym isn't open. Our daughter absolutely loves him and Amanda, her teammates, and that she gets to do gymnastics at JGNW.

Amanda Jewart

Destiny Hemry


Our Staff is Devoted and Passionate About Kids and Gymnastics

Coach Destiny has a degree in exercise and sports science from Oregon State University.  She started beginner gymnastics at the age of 6 and stayed with it for a couple years.  After taking a break for a while she did two years of recreational cheer and ended up competing for 7 years!  She's been involved in volunteer cheer instruction and hired as a tumbling coach.  She's been coaching at Jewart's Gymnastics Northwest for over 2 years.  We love having her here and so do the parents! 

JGNW is a second location to "Jewart's Gymnastics" located in Pgh. PA.   As a family we have been teaching children gymnastics for 50 years!

Hello, my name is Ben Jewart.  Thank you for visiting the JGNW website.   I am the owner and director of JGNW.  My mother is the owner of “Jewart’s  Gymnastics” in Pgh. Pa.  This is where I began my gymnastics life.  I was quite literally  born into the sport.  Our facility in Pgh. is 50 yrs old and I as I write this I am 40!  I did gymnastics from 2- 20, I coached gymnastics in Pgh from 14- 19, I ran our team program in Pgh from 19- 35, and I traveled coaching in various places from 29- 35.  I opened JGNW with my wife Amanda when I was 36.  Throughout this time I have coached all levels and kinds of kids.  I have coached kids just starting out to kids getting ready to compete for college.  I have helped boys, girls, trampoliners, cheer leaders, and kids from other sports wanting to use gymnastics to help their other sports.  I myself went to college and competed for James Madison.  After a few years there I realized my passion was in the gym with the kids.  So I devoted myself full time.  I hope to use my lifetime of experience to help bring Wilsonville not only its first gymnastics school but also create a place to help kids become more successful in whatever they love and pursue through using what they have learned in the gym!!

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