Preshool 1:

The P1 class for kids approx. ages 3- 5 years old is a 60 minute long class for kids who are new or beginners at gymnastics but can handle doing class without a parent helping.  In this class the kids learn the very basics of gymnastics.  They learn how to do different types of rolling, headstanding, handstanding, and the beginning of a cartwheel.  They learn different types of walking and balancing on the balance beam.  They start to get grip strength by hanging, swinging, and holding themselves up on a bar.  And of course, the kids favorite, all types of jumping on the trampolines!

Class Description

Recreation 1:

This is our most popular class.  The recreation 1 class is for beginner school age kids approx ages 6- 12 years old.  Because the ages vary widely, when you register we will work with you to put your child in a class with other kids close in age.  In this class the kids work on all the basic gymnastics skills that you can think of.  From handstands and cartwheels to walkovers and handsprings.  They start to try some skills other than walking on the beam.  On the bars they learn correct swinging and different types of circling around the bar.  We have tons of training aids like inclines and barrels that help the kids so they can do lots of turns without waiting in line!  At JGNW we strive to have the kids being busy not standing!

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Preschool 2:

The P2 class is for kids who are approx. 4- 6 years old.  The kids have either started with JGNW and have been through the P1 class already or they have gymnastics experience from another gym.  In this class they learn to perfect and add onto the skill they learned in P1 and they start some new more advanced skills.  During this class we also start to develop more strength and flexibility in the gymnasts so they can learn the harder skills.  The P2 class is a little bit more serious but for most a lot more fun.  In this class the kids are really starting to get some skills!

Recreation 2:

The Rec 2 class is for kids ages approx. 7+.  This class is for kids who have either completed the Rec 1class at JGNW or have prior experience in a different gym.  In this class the kids likely have a lot of the basic gymnastics skills down and are ready to add on to them or learn some advanced skills.  Some of the things they work on are front and back handsprings, and maybe flipping on the trampoline.  Using both the low bar and high bar for different advanced skills.  On the balance beam starting to take some basic floor skills (like cartwheeling) and trying them on the beam.  This class is for kids serious about gymnastics but not quite ready or wanting to be a competitor.

Pre Team and Competitive Team Info:   Please call for info

Wobbler and Walker:

The W+W class is a 45 minute long class for kids approx. ages 18 months - 3 years old.  This is the only class at JGNW when an adult accompanies the kids in class.  The adults help with the directions, keeping the kids in the correct space, and even a little demonstrating when possible!  The kids work on things like different body movements, body positions, bouncing, balancing, hanging, going upside, and much more!  We have tons of fun training aids that the kids love to play on!