My name is Wendy Robles. I reside in Canby, OR with my husband Jeremiah, three children: Noah, Jaycee, and Mark, as well as my father in law David, and our dog Holly. 
Some of my interests, besides gymnastics (which I love) are camping, fishing, riding my quad at the dunes, and playing disc golf with my family.  Spending time with my family makes me the happiest.
            I started gymnastics at Mt. Scott Community Center when I was 7 years old. I instantly fell in love with being upside down and flipping around everywhere.  I stayed a gymnast until I was 18 years old, advanced to level 8, and I finished my competitive gymnastics career at Top Flyte gymnastics in Oregon City.  I immediately started coaching after I graduated high school in Corvallis, OR while I was attending Oregon State University.  I had been removed from the sport of gymnastics (around 20 years or so) prior to coaching at Jewart’s. 
            I believe in my heart that I was born to be a coach.  When I enrolled my daughter Jaycee in gymnastics it rekindled my love for the sport.  My love of working with her and love for this sport rekindled a fire in me. I am excited to be coaching here and am so grateful for the opportunities Ben and Amanda have given me to be able to share my love for the sport and teach gymnastics skills to your children. 

     I am Assistant Owner and Team Gymnastics Coach at JGNW. Gymnastics has been a part of my life since I began flipping in the grass of my childhood home and then my parents enrolled me in class at age 8.5. I loved the commitment, dedication, and hard work that the support depends from the very start. My favorite event was always the uneven bars! At age 14 I transferred clubs and as destiny would have, landed at Jewart’s Gymnastics in PA. At Jewart’s I competed 4 years of level 9 gymnastics, coached recreational gymnastics, operated birthday parties for young gymnasts and found my second family.
     I walked on to the Division I Kent State Gymnastics team and participated in collegiate gymnastics from 2000-2003. I received my BS in Early Childhood Education and an MS in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Denver & Portland State University. All along my journey, I coached gymnastics in Ohio, Colorado and then Oregon. Being in the gym first as a gymnast and later as a coach has always made me feel grounded, inspired and connected!
     In 2013, having the opportunity to be by Ben’s side and support him in opening Jewart’s Gymnastics NW was a dream come true. Each day, in partnership with my husband, I have the gift of coaching children in the sport that I have loved all my life - could not ask for much more than that. I am filled with gratitude for how JGNW impacts my life and our family daily.

Wendy Robles

Destiny Hemry

Ben Jewart

Jewart's Gymnastics NorthWest

     I am the owner of JGNW.    My gymnastics journey started at birth.  That is because my mother owns a gymnastics school in PA that was open before I was born.  I did gymnastics through my entire grade school life.  I reached the highest level and was the best in PA my senior year in 1994.  I then competed for the 2 years I went to college at James Madison University, in Virginia from 1995-96.   I spent the next 9 years in charge of our PA team from 96- 2005.  At our PA gym I helped many kids compete in the highest levels of competition all around the country and many went on to compete in college.
     In 2005 I decided I wanted to explore the country.  I left PA and headed west.  I worked for a short time in Colorado before moving to Portland and taking up coaching in Vancouver.  From 2005- 12 I worked in different gyms from Washington to Salem.  I worked in many great NW gyms and learned a lot about how west gymnastics differs from east. 
     In 2012 I made one of the best decisions of my life.  In the summer of 2013, we opened JGNW.  The past years of owning JGNW have been the best!  To be a positive force in lives of children in Wilsonville and surrounding communities has been the greatest reward for me.  My wife and I (Amanda) love the Northwest and although, at times, miss our direct families back in PA we have found such great families through JGNW to be a part of ours that we feel truly at home.  Thank you so much for making your family a part of ours!

Amanda Jewart

     Hello I am Destiny. I have had so much fun teaching at Jewart's gymnastic NW over the years. I took gymnastics for a few years starting as a young child. I then explored some other sports. I found competitive cheerleading/ tumbling, and I was a competitive cheerleader for seven years. 

     I went to Oregon State University where I graduated with a bachelors in exercise and sport science. I am excited to continue to learn about gymnastics while bring my passion for fitness and background with cheer/tumbling to my teaching.       The best part of teaching gymnastic is I get to not only teach these kids new skill but, I also get to see them build friendships, confidence and strength. I cannot wait to see what these gymnasts will accomplish.