Jewart's Gymnastics NorthWest

Responsibility statement, acknowledgement of guidelines, and waiver for participation at JGNW in response to Covid19 for athletes and parents.

Anyone who wishes to participate at JGNW since the outbreak of Covid19 must fill out this form and abide by all specifications listed to the best of their ability.   By agreeing to all of these requirements you are committing to do your best to keep the gym and others in it as safe as possible.  By signing you are also stating that you are aware that even with these policies in place that JGNW will likely not be a 100% safe and sterile environment.  You are stating that you are aware that your child will be entering an environment with other children which will automatically increase the risk of exposure to un-sterile conditions. You will not hold JGNW responsible should your child contract the corona virus while participating at JGNW.

New Student Registration Form:

This online registration form is just for collecting beginning information from new clients, there are several other needed steps before your child's registration for gymnastics is complete.  After completing this form, please call JGNW at 503-482-5776 and speak to the staff in order to complete your registration.  Prior to attending class you will need to:

  • Speak to JGNW staff on the phone or in person to ensure we have received your registration.
  • Make a payment over the phone or in person.
  • Confirm class placement and start date with JGNW staff.