JNGW offers birthday parties on Saturday's from 3:00- 5:00.  We spend about an hour in the gym providing fun gymnastics games and activities for the kids.  The other hour is spent in our party room.  There you can serve food, enjoy your cake and presents and do any other fun birthday activites you would like to provide. 


JGNW runs a least one summer camp per year.  During camp we focus mainly on gymnastics but we also provide the kids an opportunity to get away from the gym and enjoy the outdoors and what Wilsonville has to offer.   Please check back during spring break time to get details on our yearly summer camps.


The Pre School classes are a 60 minute class for kids 3-5 years old who have been through the "Wobblers and Walkers"  or for pre-schoolers who are ready to attend class on their own.  The big focus at this level is to prepare children to function and progress in a class setting without mom or dad.  JGNW stresses the ability to listen, follow direction and get along with others.  After the kids are properly warmed up and stretched we focus on developing and fine tuning basic gross motor skills. (EX. skipping and galloping, animal walks, forward and backward rolls, beam walking and bar supports).  And we also begin to teach the start of some more advanced skills like handstands, cartwheels, swinging safely on the bar.  This class is great for all children to help them be more athletic and coordinated in whatever the participate in and it also gives future gymnasts a great foundation.


LEVELS 3- 10

The women's competitive gymnastics practice is run for girls level 3- 10 in the USAG competitive gymnastics program.  Gymnasts on the team practice 3- 5 days a week.   JGNW trains any gymnast currently competing, or trying to begin competing in the USAG program levels 3- 10.   For more information on what is involved with being a JGNW team member please see the JGNW team handbook.


At JGNW we believe in offering classes that support children of all ages, skill level,  or amount of time available to train.  This is exactly why USAG created the "excel" program, for clubs across the country to offer.   This class is specifically for children who have a love of gymnastics  but may have gotten a later start, have a busy schedule, not be as into the competitions or simply want to do the sport for enjoyment.  While the Excel program does offer competitions it is not the primary focus.  For more information on the Excel program you can go to the USAG link or read more in the team handbook.

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JGNW runs preschool open gym from September- May.  During preschool open gym all kids must be accompanied by an adult.  This is a great time to come in from the elements and enjoy introducing your child to some healthy, fun, and safe activities.  Preschool open gym costs $10 per visit but we do have punch cards available to make very affordable fun.

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The Wobblers and Walkers class is for parents who want to give their children an early, fun, and safe way to explore movement.  This class is for kids who are just learning to walk or are getting a little to daring with their exploration at home.  Generally children in this class are 18 months to 3 years of age.  The areas we try to develop during class are:  general body co-ordination, flexibility, listening skills, and following direction in a class setting. The best part of class for a new  W+W however, is forming a new fun relationship with mom or dad based on fun and fitness.  The 45 minute long class starts with a general warm up (always to a fun song, game or trampoline activity) and stretch.  The rest of the class focuses on learning basic gross motor skills.  They practice activities such as rolling, hanging, balancing  and bouncing.  Each week they get to try another fun activity and apparatus that we have here at JGNW.   This class is a great way to get your kids prepared for the world of preschool and kindergarten.



Open gym is open to any child 5+ who is a member of JGNW  .Open gym is available every Saturday from 12:30- 2:30.  Open gym is $10.00.  Open gym is not a class!  It is a designated time for any member of JGNW to use the facility however they choose.  Open gym always has a certified gymnastics professional available to help members however they need!

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The Recreation 1 classes are 75 minute classes for children ready to listen and learn.  During class children will develop general fitness and co-ordination skills, along with specific skills on tumbling, trampoline and other apparatus.  Classes proceed from a general warm up and stretch, to developing skills like handstands, cartwheels and walkovers on the floor.  We also begin to teach skills like back or front hip circle on the bar, the beginning of how to fly over the vault, and proper balancing technique on the beam. This class is great for all kids to develop strength, coordination, and agility.  It also boosts kids confidence, teaches them to participate with others, and gives them a great athletic foundation.  The Recreation 2 class builds on all the skills that were taught in the Rec 1 class and also adds the beginning of level 3 competitive gymnastics.  The class is 90 minutes long and is for kids who are ready to be a little more serious about their gymnastics future.  We spend a little more time ob the equipment and get started on teaching the specific rules of doing gymnastics.  There is still no team or multi day commitment in these classes, so kids can still be in the process of deciding if gymnastics is something they really want to stick with.